Besto Automatic 165N Harness, Red, Hammar

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With its 3D design and soft outer cover, the Besto 165N has a perfect fit. The collar is firmly connected with the back and neck with the 3D fit, ensures a comfortable and safe neck support. The jacket comes standard with a leg band. This ensures the jacket to function properly and an ample freeboard. The jacket is finished with an edge binding all around The jacket has a buoyancy of 165N.


  • Provided with Hydrostatic (reacting to pressure) Automat
  • Does not react to rain or spray-water, only at immersion
  • Suitable for use in places or circumstances with a lot of water-contact


  • Size/type Adult 40+kg
  • Buoyancy Inflatable 165N
  • System Hammar MA1
  • CO2 Cylinder 31-33g CO2
  • ISO12402-3



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